Dreamland Genesis

Welcome to Dreamland Genesis's whitepaper, the go to resource for future developmental plans, alpha leaks and to become fully informed on what we are, who we are, and what we plan to do.
Welcome to The Dreamland

What is Dreamland Genesis?

Dreamland Genesis is a project by Dreamers, for Dreamers. Made up of 10,000 meticulously and lovingly hand drawn Dreamers with the sole intent of making dreams come true.
Dreamers were once ordinary people. They went by their day to day mundane or adventurous lives and all shared one common trait. They were all dreamers. This all changed when an unknown, undisclosed and unethical secret lab discovered the ability to extract and use ‘Dream Essence’. With this discovery, they managed to gain the ability to collect, observe and share others' dreams. Like every breakthrough in science this was soon mass commercialized and available worldwide through devices simply called ‘Dream Catchers’. They were advertised as life changing and they didn’t disappoint. The unregulated overabundance of Dream Essence caused the dimensional barriers between realms to crumble and break. This continued until these 10,000 seemingly random individuals, were transported across space and time into The Dreamland itself.
The Dreamland. The realm these 10,000 souls were beamed into is exactly as it sounds. A land of dreams. Populated, dictated and derived from our imagination; this land is literally everything anyone has ever dreamed of.
Important Note: All of the text on this site is subject to change. Within a rapidly changing environment and market we are dedicated to remaining adaptable and thus this Whitepaper will constantly evolve with progression with the Project. We are dedicated to continuous improvement as we scale and providing utility and value to our holders in whichever way is most effective, practical and agreed upon.
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