Dream Refinery

DREAM is the single critical resource cultivated and predicates the Dream Realm. It powers the Dreamland ecosystem allowing the impossible to occur.
It connects dreams and brings imagination to reality breathing life into the protagonists that scour this new world by acting both as a productive asset (the ‘ETH’ to partner ERC20s) and as the token that fuels every transaction and interaction.
Drawing from the well-known blockchain concept "Proof of Work" we are able to reward the "work" of players, represented by the time, effort and inputs involved in refining $DREAM. As $DREAM becomes progressively limited, the "work" too becomes more arduous.
Desire for $DREAM is a state not unlike Hunger.
Act I: The Fracture
The initial distribution of DREAM is proposed to take place over a course of 30 Days through staking Genesis Dreamers. This event is known as The Fracture.
During this period of time, various lock ups will be an option with multiplier bonuses depending on the duration. Maximum DREAM emissions emitted during this period will be 125,150 - but less may be emitted if multipliers are not used optimally. Following this, Dreamers will cease to emit Dream and this will bring us into the next act.
Act II: The Abyss
The Arcane Abyss represents the fundamental staking system.
A minimum threshold of DREAM is required to be staked within the Arcane Abyss, Eternal Hold and across the broader Dream Ecosystem to breathe life into Dreamlands Productivity.
Long-Term DREAM Staking Emissions are composed of 30% of the supply with half of the staking pool emitted each year, followed by an annual “halvening.” Claimable emissions are distributed daily based on staking score.