World Wide Webb

Worldwide Webb is an interoperable pixel art MMORPG metaverse game giving utility to popular NFT projects. The game uses NFTs for in-game NFT Avatars, pets, lands, NFT Items , and quests.

The Dreamland Vault has acquired a Large Apartment within WorldWideWeb3 Land, with the intention of increasing our exposure in interoperability within the NFT space. Land within the space as always been enticing the members of Web3, Dreamland being no exception. We believe that as the space continues to evolve, so will the usability / demand for land thus our purchase. Interoperability within WWB3 allows dreamland to potentially connect contracts within both ecosystems, thus providing a medium for us to possibly give holders in the future mints through WWB3. Land in general can also be used as a way for holders to connect through the channel provided by the WWB3 platform.

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