Genesis Dreamers

What are the Dreamers and where did they originate.

What are Dreamers?

Dreams, in essence, are a state of consciousness that occurs during sleep. During this state the brain can create sensations, thoughts and images from all areas of your subconscious and imagination. From this state of consciousness, Dreamers are born.

The Dreamers are a collection of 10,000 unique Genesis NFT’s. These Dreamers are a lot more than just an attractive PFP and awesome avatar. Dreamers personify ownership, innovation and the desire to construct a diverse and unique community-driven infrastructure. By owning a Dreamer, you become a voice and advocate to participate in the development and direction of this project.

Each and every detail, from minor to major, has been meticulously and vigorously hand illustrated and perfected by our artist. Without AI.

Immerse yourself within the Dreamland. Join our community and become a leader, collaborator and observer to what awaits us all in this superlunary world.

Dreamer Tokenomics

Dreamers, after their uncanny merge with the subconscious domain, can now venture to obtain DREAM. This refined Dream Essence allows them to fully immerse themselves within the Dreamland ecosystem where they may reaping many expansive benefits.

Genesis Dreamer Benefits

  • Access to our token-gated discord and in-depth analysis for Alpha calls

  • Potential Comic featuring Genesis Dreamers (Expansion on IP)

  • Genesis Dreamer Holders will get allocations for Community Giveaways

  • Dreamland series NFT Drops Allocation

  • Road-map advancement inclusion

  • Priority in Dream Scholars & Dream Pad initiatives

  • Mini Dreamer Manifestation

  • Early supporters will get exclusive allocations for "The Dreamlands"

Genesis Dreamers are currently open for secondary market trading on Opensea

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