Insight into the gamification of The Dreamlands.

Dream Haven will be an MMORPG metaverse game built completely from scratch with our community and project goals in mind. Players will be able to use micro dreamers, derived from their original Genesis dreamer NFT, to earn, socialize, complete quests and more. We envision to construct a gamified fantasy world where Dreamers can feel at home to communicate and interact on another level, taking a breather from a chaotic NFT world and earn rewards in a fun way. Alongside this, we plan to use Dream Haven as an added, deeper layer to the Dreamland Series. We envision the Dream Haven as so much more than just a game but a way to explore Web 3.0 in it's glory and enhance virtual interactions within our community though it. We also aim to use Dream Haven as another platform to integrate other communities through collaborations, be it more Micro playable characters, pets, unique quests, boss battles and more.

In order to bring this into fruition, we signed with a Game Studio. They have extensive experience in game development, featured on various media outlets including Channel 8, ZaoBao, The Straits Times, Capital 958, etc. Multiple accolades,

Won Gold for Best Use of Gamification — The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2021

Best Engagement Agency of the Year — The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2021

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