The Dreamlands Metaverse

The hub and interactive Metaverse that will bring an unprecedented shift in Social Interactions

The Dreamland Metaverse is a 2D Pixelated MMORPG where all Dreamers will be able to use and deploy their Micro Dreamers and perform a wide range of activities. Initially upon beta, the focus will be free roam and following that will be full integration of DREAM. The Dreamlands focuses on taking social interactions to another level, along with the gaming mechanics which will be outlined later on. Instead of heading over to the discord for events or catching up with other community members, our holders will be able to interact with one another in the Dreamlands, along with events which will eventually be hosted on the Dreamlands.

Prototype Designs:

Roadmap of Production

In order to showcase the steady progress of the Development Teams, we have opt'ed to incrementally build and release the game in a series of 6 Alphas before Open Beta completion & launch.

NOTE: All dates announced are pre-development proposed targets. The Dates could be earlier or later - this is our Target & Goal

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