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Community First. It's simple.

The Dreamland Project is one where users and the core development team are both incentivized to work together to grow the network.

Since the very beginning, the main goal of the Dreamland Genesis project was to build and encourage a close and tight-knit community. From having unique events such as Singing Contests,, Kahoot Trivias and Treasure hunts. We’ve managed to cultivate a community that strays from the usual whitelist/level grind, where our Dreamers are here because of the fun atmosphere and, completely on their own initiative..

Although the Dreamland community is relatively small when compared to conventional projects, the amount of user-generated content and evangelism is very high.

The Dreamland Family & Community

Everyone with a Dreamer is granted access to the Dreamland Community where they will have access to the Alpha Channels, WL giveaways and more. Our Community team regularly run events in the discord, which ranges from Singing Contests to other fun games such as Smash Karts. We often provide really enticing rewards, for example, Dreamers or WL's from other projects.

Mental Health

We also have a certified psychologist, Joshua, who has a separate channel "mental health dream doctor" where he will be there for our community to answer any questions about mental health or anything else about life. Joshua is a Prof. of Psychology and an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist. With a background of BA Business, BA Psychology, GradCert. Statistics, GradCert. IT, MBA, PhD (Organisational Psychology)

The Voice Community Event

Dreamland Genesis x Godjira Smash Karts

Yarramish Covers Dreamland!

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