Uninterested Unicorns

Uninterested Unicorns - Only 6900 U_U will ever exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Our roadmap includes UniCandy ($UCD) rewards, breeding, metaverse partnerships and future game development. Join us i

Uninterested Unicorns is an original generative NFT brand, created in 2021 through the advancement of Blockchain and NFT technology. To be a leading GameFI project, creating an enjoyable game experience with huge cultural influence in the general NFT space Through Unis, They aim to explore the longterm potential of NFTs and how they can fit into the wider idea of a Metaverse world, which bridges the physical and virtual reality gap Having close ties with U_U,

  • We have decided to reward all mutual holders of both U_U and Dreamland Gen, thus 800 dreamers will be getting their NFTs turned in a voxel form for utilization within Uniland in Sandbox! These Voxel Dreamers would be able to integrated into other platforms that uses voxels as well.

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