Presenting the Dream Team...

Between them they’re responsible for the destruction and merging of the dimensional boundaries. An act that has plunged humanity headfirst into a land with no clear divide.

A quick word from the Founders,

Everyone’s had the same thoughts after, or during, watching anime, cartoons or movies. "I wish that world was real", "What if I was that character for a day?" and many more. People are infatuated and obsessed with fantasy worlds, that’s why we love them so much. Be it dressing up via cosplay, acting like them in video games, fan art and so much more.

We love, and are very much influenced by both western and Asian media. Therefore, inspired by this thought, we endeavoured to create a project that would reflect this and allow others, and ourselves, to relive the childish dreams they once had.

The incredible rise of NFT’s has proved to be an engine and a catalyst that has both inspired us and enabled us to construct a truly incredible project. A project with innovation, art, and utility – built alongside and for our community.

We’re a team of like-minded individuals and partners equally as passionate and invested into this project’s success. The Dream Team is made up of specialists in their respective fields, and together we are pleased to present you - The Dreamland Genesis Project.


The team behind Dreamland Genesis began with 2 and quick grew at an unprecedented rate as development took an exponential rise. Our philosophy is simple: we are here to build the next blue chip, learning from the best to create and innovate further. As the project scales, so does the team with new additions at a strategic level.

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