ACT II: Arcane Abyss

The Arcane Abyss is a natural wellspring of $DREAM within the Dreamland. Staking $DREAM within the Abyss will trigger the Realm’s yield bearing capabilities, unlocking access to a power source more magnificent than any other: $DREAM. The Abyss has no cap on $DREAM staking unlike the Eternal Hold or Colosseum.

The longer that$ DREAM is staked, the high yield is reaped as characters delve deeper into the Abyss and venture closer to the mysterious source of $DREAM. Kaemor thrives on $DREAM -- from commerce to governance, $DREAM is at the heart of everything. As a natural source of $DREAM, the Arcane Abyss is one of Kaemor's many mysteries. It's twisting tunnels and endless catacombs have been the inspiration for many stories and a study for countless academics. Where did it come from? How much of it is still unexplored? To date, it is unknown if it even has a bottom.

How to Refine?

Once the minimum productivity thresholds have been met, users must time lock $DREAM within the Abyss to tap into Emissions. The lock can be accompanied by essential NFTs (Dreamers, Walkers and Catalysts) which will boost their staking scores. These scores in turn determine a users relative share of emissions.

Staking $DREAM & Staking Scores

Staking score is a calculated value assigned to each individual staking position and each staking mechanism as well. First, the total daily staking emissions are split across the various staking mechanisms by their relative total staking score, then the rewards allocated to each mechanism are split amongst the those staking in those mechanisms based on their individual staking scores.

$DREAM is the yield earning asset, with base staking score equal to number of $DREAM staked. There are three multiplier components on top of the base score: staking duration, staked LP tokens, and staked NFTs (Dreamers, Walkers, upgrades, and consumables).

Staking score = #$DREAM * [1+(duration bonus/100)]*[1+((LP Bonus+Dreamer Bonus+Upgrade Bonus+ConsumableBonus)/10})]

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