ACT III: The Eternal Hold

The Eternal Hold, a mystical city buried deep underground built upon a reservoir of liquid $DREAM. This location is divided into 3 distinct factions. Deploying more Characters & Resources in certain locations will allow you to refine $DREAM more effectively and tip a part of the floating island closer to the frothing liquid source. Beware, just like Icarus flying to close to the sun, getting too close to the liquid $DREAM may flood your faction… The Eternal Hold is massive—deploying more Characters and Resources will allow you to steal $DREAM more effectively. But beware, automated sentries patrol the Eternal Hold, and having too many characters in a region can risk you being discovered…

Securing and Maintaining the Eternal Hold The Eternal Hold’s locked gates can be opened by combining Appraisal Pieces to form the Appraiser, a state of the art magical decryption machine. These Appraisal Pieces can only be achieved through conjuring from Artifice (which will require the highest Alchemist Skill/Class level) with the rarest Catalyst inputs.

The Eternal Hold’s gates begin to inch open as Appraiser Pieces unwind its locking mechanisms. Having only a small gap in the gates severely bottlenecks the movement of Dreamers to and fro, thus resulting in meager $DREAM returns. However, as more Appraiser Pieces are combined together and the gates are pushed wider apart, Dreamers have easier access to the Eternal Hold and larger scale $DREAM thievery can be coordinated.

Users can stake $DREAM and NFT Modifiers (Dreamers, Walkers, Catalysts and Alchemy Products) from the moment an Eternal Hold has been breached. However, its productivity and abilities only unlock once certain criteria are met (eg. max boost unlocked at 500 Appraisal Pieces to form the Appraiser). The true hidden powers of this mysterious place will only come to light over time. The Eternal Hold has 3 entrances, each granting access to a separate region.

When 1 region’s Dreamers are discovered by the Eternal Hold’s counter-intruder mechanisms, the base locks down and $DREAM supply is cut off from that region. Henceforth, $DREAM supply is channeled to the other 2 regions, granting them increased yield.

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