Power, today, comes from sharing information, not withholding it

With the uncertainty of everyday projects, we aim to bring order to the chaos of decentralisation. DREAMDEX is a platform envisioned to consolidate the quality of information dissemination through Web3. Focusing on core aspects of NFT projects, DREAMDEX serves as a podium for both seasoned & community writers to produce unbiased reviews and analysis, allowing the community to make their own decisions.

Utilizing the networks we have, the team will implement technology to provide Dream Standard Metrics, allowing the public to make clear judgments with our metrics that provide advantageous benefits.

DREAMDEX will be a core movement of The Dreamland. A Web 3.0 Media Movement.

DREAMDEX Initial Utilities

  • Objective Project Information & Articles

  • Media Coverage & Content

  • Consumer Sentiment Metrics

  • Feedback Chat & Review Channels

  • Incentivised Reward Systems for Dreamland Holders


Content Creation & Distribution

First step is to establish DREAMDEX as the leading platform and distributor of reliable constructive content through articles, analysis & other information mediums such as interviews. Interviews will consist of high profile thought leaders with the sole value to bring value to web3 consumers.

Bot Advancement

Data Scraping, Metric Analysers and more, leveraging technology to enhance users with the ability to make more informed decisions within the NFT Space.


Peace of Mind. It's a luxury within the Wild West of the Web 3 space and we aim to further develop and provide some form of security. We won't be going into much details here to avoid being front-run but this will be an advancement that will bring tremendous value into the Entire Space.

DREAMDEX Initial Prototypes

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