The Astral Chambers

The Astral Chamber is a sanctuary of esoteric magics and guarded techniques. Visiting Dreamers can implore the High Priests to conduct a complex ritual that conjures forth a Walker. Due to the draining ordeal, Dreamers will be unable to summon for a number of days depending on their Generation.

Few remember the art of calling forth Walkers. Even fewer have the ability to do so. The High Priests of the Astral Chambers are sworn into secrecy. They wear black masks adorned with glowing runes, a reminder of their oath. Little is known about them, except that they guard old secrets.

What are Walkers?

Walkers are the astral manifestations of a Dreamer’s spirit and imagination. As phantom constructs, they possess limited intellect but are faithful servants. Deploy them within Dreamland to fulfil limited tasks and amplify $DREAM emissions. Once under your command, they can be assigned to classes most befitting their skillset.

Myths say that Walkers are derived from the Astral Plane, and they walk through the veil between worlds to reach the Dreamland. Those that knew their origins have long passed. Not all Walkers are equal. You must be lucky for a powerful Walker to answer your call.

Can I influence Manifestation Probabilities?

You may craft [Redacted] from the Nexus which may add towards increasing the odds of a rarer walker.

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