IRL Utilities

Although within the NFT Space, we all predominantly look at what sorts of Web 3.0 Utilities we can benefit from, it is undeniable that our lives are will primarily still within Web 2.0 and in our physical lives. We aim to branch and be able to offer Dreamland Holders a series and range of IRL utilities of which they can be rewarded with as a part of the community and project.

Some of the benefits currently set up include:

Pho Ngon

An authentic Vietnamese Restaurant with outlets situated around Bandung, Indonesia


A South African travel and leisure


An Italian delicatessen & cafe,offering excellent pastries, finest artisanal cakes & comfort food.

Por Que No

A vibrant restaurant & rooftop bar serving authentic taste of Spain in the heart of Jakarta.


A speakeasy bar for eclectic souls.


Part of Kowara Eatery Group.

New World Carnival is an integrated VR Arcade in Singapore with a variety of VR games to enjoy

Terms & Conditions apply to all above

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