IRL Events

Our first impromptu meet-up which took place on Feb 4 2022 at the ARTNOW Gallery, Singapore! We were hosted in a private room which we later discovered was way to small to fit the budding Dreamland Family. There were over 50 Dreamers that came by and the team had an amazing time hanging around with our fellow Dreamers.

All Dreamers whom attended the event went home with a celebratory Dreamland Poster. It was amazing to realise how many valuable relationships we've made within the Dreamland Community and it was definitely an event to remember.

Our first Official Dreamland IRL Event took place on May 6, 2022 and it was held at the New World NFT Gallery, Orchard Road, Singapore. With some lucky attendees having their very own Dreamers displayed, food, drinks, some exciting events and networking amongst one another, the meet up was an absolute blast! There were also raffles for some enticing prizes such as Ledgers, Gary Vee Books and of course, WLs! Having hosted approximately a hundred Dreamers, the team was busy catching up around with the Dreamer crowd. We were also joined by many Local project founders to name a few; PixelFUCKER from Bigbadz, Jeppy from Skyverse, Tammy Tay from TTTreasures!

All Dreamers were given the opportunity to claim their POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) which signifies our very first official event!

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