$DREAM Token

The purpose and the plan...

Given the Dreamland Genesis team’s ambitious long-term vision for the project, it was clear from the onset that the $DREAM token launch would be a crucial step on the path to successfully delivering for the community. $DREAM is an ERC-20 token that serves as the primary medium of exchange of Dreamland Genesis. The purposes of $DREAM are to facilitate the development of Dreamland Genesis as a dynamic and community-driven ecosystem through an in-game economy and to align the incentives of the development team, NFT-holders, creative collaborators, and all other community members.

Among all the existing, developing, and future Dreamland projects, $DREAM serves as the ever-present connector, cementing feedback-loops which allow engaged Dreamers to enjoy compounding utility in our growing Metaverse AND in real life.

$DREAM supply is limited to a maximum of 2,200,000 tokens with a deliberate distribution schedule intended to maximize functionality of the token at all stages of the Dreamland Genesis roadmap. Scheduled phases are: (i) Genesis staking rewards, (ii) playable tokenomics ecosystem, and (iii) full Dreamland economy development.

$DREAM will launch with a Genesis staking allocation available for all Dreamland Genesis NFT-holders to claim. Relatedly, a large portion of $DREAM will be dedicated to staking emissions underpinning the Dreamland playable tokenomics ecosystem.

Additionally, significant $DREAM reserves will be earmarked for the project team to support Dreamland ecosystem activity, including a Team Treasury to be spent on community engagement initiatives and a Development Vault to be spent on new feature development and roll-out.

Lastly, a portion of $DREAM will be used to compensate team members and contributors on an ongoing basis, subject to KPIs and vesting schedules.

We will not be supplying secondary market liquidity and do not endorse or monitor liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

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