Infrastructure & Real Estate

Dwelling fit for Dreamers

Genesis Dreamers will be able to claim their rightful place within the Dreamland, and have distinct advantages over those on the outside. We will always focus on providing added utility and value to our early supporters in particular. There will be an assortment of different land available for minting or claiming within the Dreamland. These structures can be used to host social events, showcase furniture or NFTs within your wallet and much much more.

1st wave Dreamers (#1-#1100) are recognized as early supporters and will benefit largely during land allocation.

Dream Apartment

The smallest of our housing structures. The apartment will have a modest and homely feel, still capable of having all the functions planned for our housing structure but with less capacity and style. Dream Houses would typically host the lower class members of the upper city, far below the houses of lucid, but massively exceeding that of the under city.

Dream House

Modest houses on the topside of The Dream Haven. Reserved for the richer and more powerful among the Day Dreamers and allowing for a higher level of customization. These houses are beyond the wildest dreams for most dreamers, allowing a level of space and comfort most will never realize.

Dream Complex

The best of the best. These Dream Complexes afford the highest level of luxury and space for the lucid dreamers of the Dreamland society. These complexes act as palaces for the members of society lucky enough to live there.

Collaboration Estates

A form of Interoperability, Collaboration Estates are created only for our closest partners! To show gratitude and appreciation towards our good friends, these estates act as a medium for different communities to interact and hang out, while putting the spotlight on their project in the Dreamlands.

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