Dreamers can also be distinguished by their Wave # which marks their descent into The Dreamland. With Wave 1 consisting of early supporters whom supported from the very beginning we aim to reward them in ways throughout the whole project.

Waves Information

Wave 1 (Dreamer#1 to #1100)

  • Wave 1 Dreamers were initially released separately at the end of December, they have the most benefits compared to the other waves.

  • One of the announced benefits are that Wave 1 Dreamers will be obtaining free claim land.

Wave 2 (Dreamer#1101 to #8650)

  • Wave 2 Dreamers are from the public sale, on 23rd Jan earlier this year.

Wave 3 (Dreamer#8651 to #10000)

  • Wave 3 Dreamers are from the whitelist sale earlier this year

  • Wave 3 Dreamers will be greater than wave 2 in benefit.

A way to see this is as such: Wave 1 > Wave 3 > Wave 2

Note: although different waves have different benefits, our focus is to provide ALL Dreamers with utility and perks. Waves can be seen as a multiplier or premium pass in some cases.

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