ACT I: The Fracture

Fractured Isles

Following the Fracture, an unknown force pulled Dreamers into the world. This is where Dreamers begin their adventure—the first step of a thousand-mile journey.

The Fracture was a massive $DREAM calamity that shattered the world’s original geography. Now known as the Fractured Isles, this is ground zero of the magical reckoning that warped the lands.

For 30 days, Dreamers can remain in this location to absorb the ambient $DREAM left behind from the magical calamity.

Initial Staking

Upon entry and initiating the initial staking, Dreamers will be able to absorb and harness an amount of DREAM which will be dependent on 2 factors: Waves & Rarity.

Locking Multiplier

Locked staking during the initial staking period will result in emissions multipliers. The longer a Dreamer is staked, the higher the $DREAM multiplier will be.

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