Slowly peel back the multi-layered universe of the Dreamland and let yourself run wild.

Built up by the Genesis Dreamers upon their decent into The Dreamland, there exists the Dream Haven. Ruled above ground with an iron fist by the upper class whom dictate the economy and trade there also exists The Under City underground. . Divided by an unruly class system and ravaged by syndicates and essence abuse. Ironically, the underlying foundations of this beautiful Haven are an ever deteriorating landscape of sewers and ruins where the Insomniacs run rampant.

The Dream Haven

The Dream Haven "The Real Dreamland". The Haven is a place of excess, wealth and power. Dreamers that have the luxury to live there are given the privilege of security, space and financial freedom, free from the terrors that run rampant outside the walls and mostly unaffected by the trials and tribulations that occur daily beneath their feet. The hierarchy is simple. The stronger your control over the dream essence, the more influence, power and control you have.

The Under City

The Under City

Populated by insomniacs the under city is founded in the ruins of a long forgotten city, running through tunnels and systems deep underneath the ground still fully unexplored to this day. Originally, the Under City was a dim, depressing and dismal slum. Over time some wealth and technology from the topside has trickled down as syndicates and crime rings found the under city a safer place to operate business from. Now business booms underground. Neon filled bars, store fronts and flashy clubs a front facing facade for the poverty and disease that still runs rampant there.

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