Gameplay & Tasks

We are building an ecosystem that encompasses a level of complexity that cannot be expressed simply on a page... You will have to experience it yourself.

The Dreamland Realm will comprise and incorporate multiple levels of gameplay and tasks that link into the lore, $DREAM tokenomics and IRL utility. It's not just a game. It's an experience that's constantly being further developed and advanced on an unprecedented rate to provide the upmost utility for our holders.


Exploration, set missions, retrieval quest, monster fights and more. The Dreamland will have a wide variety of quests, some daily, some seasonal and some long term that allow Dreamers to earn a wide range of rewards such as unique seasonal items, consumables, raffle tickets, whitelist spots and more.


Just as two communities exist in parallel, there exists two types of farming in The Dream Haven. The upper city where the space, sunlight and resources allow fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and live stock to be harvested and distributed to the Lucid's among society. On the underside, farming exists too, but a far less glamorous and luxurious kind filled with fungus, moss and hunting of small creatures. Farming will reward Dreamers with a large variety of produce that can then be grown or potentially traded for other consumables, wearables and even {REDACTED}


The Dungeons - The crux of the undercity and their biggest asset. Entering the dungeon could potentially earn you some attractive rewards, but the risks are just as high. The dungeon has Loot, Quests, Battles, CO-OP PVE missions and Mobs where the level of difficulty varies on each floor of this ancient city.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace will be the main hub for the exchange of tokens. Dreamers can trade DREAM for consumables, furniture, advertising, real life items, art, merch & vanity. It exists as a platform to push and curate the best creations from the community and showcase talent within the Dreamland.

Refer to the initial Marketplace: The Shifting Bazaar

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