12 Month Narrative

Insight into the future of the Dreamland Metaverse in 12 Months

This is a narrative 12 months into the future, where breakthroughs in Web 3.0 have revolutionized our society. It conveys the perspective of one of our Dreamers living an “orthodox 2022 life”. Or perhaps, a more “extra-ordinary life”, unique and experienced only within - The Dreamland.


“Find a job you love, something you look forward to doing every day.”

This is a phrase said by many, realized by few but - desired by all. Twelve months ago, we were still all ‘early’. Facebook changed their name to Meta; huge celebrities were onboarding into NFT’s and anyone would’ve considered this statement as ‘something for the dreamers of the world’. Now, you’re a Dreamer.

Finishing up your virtual meetings for the day from the comfort of your living room, you make your way to your office. A surge of excitement flows through you as you grab the handle, turn, and begin walking towards your passion. The Metaverse, or more accurately, The Dreamland.

Carefully you move aside the newest Dreamland Comic Edition, placed with the rest to be finished later, and quickly clean your desk as you move your pencils, sketchpad and numerous drafts of clothing Collab’s aside. On goes your well-worn headset as you get comfy in your chair and make your way into the Metaverse. The screen loads and you begin to get a list of your recently used destinations scrolling past.







Unable to wait any longer you hit confirm on Mainstreet. It’s always interesting seeing the new faces, buildings and businesses anyway. A welcoming plethora of noise, lights and faces form on your screen as you begin to make your way down to your destination.

More and more visitors crowd the streets, some wearing Dreamland clothing, some VIP Badges and all shoulder to shoulder alongside tourists just taking in the sights. Gamblers high on wins or down on their luck, hecklers and advertisements inviting dreamers and guests alike to come visit their karaoke bar, escape room, game competition and more. You even see a few fellow dreamers ahead of you, no doubt following your very path to the same destination.

As you make your way into the quieter area of the dreamland you start to pass the museums, art galleries and design studio’s where you spend most of your time. Today, none of those are your destination. Finally, you see the Dreamland HQ towering up ahead of you. Waves, nods and pleasantries are all exchanged as you and hundreds of your fellow Dreamers, collaborators and friends all climb the stairs to vote on the future of the Dreamland.

This is our Dream. Our vision and ambitious plans for the future of all Dreamers involved in Dreamland Genesis. Something we can build, contribute to and benefit from together. If this is a dream you share, we sincerely hope you choose to join us on this journey to make all of our wildest dreams a reality.

In Dreamland we believe. - Ben

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