2112. Run

2112.run is a transmedia narrative project set in an emerging cyberpunk universe shaped alongside the community.

"2112.run is a Cyberpunk Narrative RPG project, heavily focused on storytelling and worldbuilding. Their deep universe introduces us to the Big Five, the megacorporations that rule the world, and the five factions of hackers (the Cryptorunners) that stand against them. The Cryptorunners then jack in into The Grid to steal the corps secrets and expose them for what they are. Through the videogame, players are able to directly affect the main story arcs that evolve the narrative universe of 2112. The high quality standard that the project shows in each area (art, stories, game) makes them a natural fit to partner with DG.

  • From this match made in heaven (or in The Dreamlands, or in The Grid, who knows?), we can expect a lot of interesting cross project integrations. How the Dreamers will be represented in 2112's universe? Is The Dreamland actually a very sophisticated Grid designed by a rogue AI? Will the megacorps try to affect DG's universe? Mysteries that remain to be solved. Adding to this, the possibility of implementing special scenarios in the game and dedicated narrative arcs featuring the Dreamers allows both projects to seamlessly integrate."

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