An animated universe where #NFTs, and their stories, come to life.

"As a production studio, Grey Verse Productions is producing a satirical animated series (known as The Capital City Chronicles) in a metaverse land known as Capital City. Capital City is a place full of schemers and dreamers, who happen to be NFT’s getting themselves caught in various shenanigans that parody our reality. It was only fitting that we should start with some actual dreamers, enter Dreamland Genesis. Combining our love of lore, Dreamland and Grey Verse intend to envelop each other's worlds, providing an integration into both of our storylines.

The Dreamland storyline in the Capital City Chronicles is called “Enter the Dreamland” and will follow an arc involving 4 main animated Dreamland Genesis NFT characters as they drift between Dreamland and Capital City.

These 4 were selected and molded to create the story arc after hundreds of Dreamer NFT’s owned by community members were submitted with a bio and backstory to be cast into the content. On behalf of both parties, thank you for the submissions, they were truly a pleasure to read..

The Dreamland arc will be one of the 5 major arcs featured on the Capital City Chronicles upon release, and we look forward to more dreamers joining the story arc in the near future. Special thanks to our cast: Dreamer #2921 as Draco Kumicho, Dreamer #9477 as Drogo Kumicho, Dreamer #1902 as The Butcher, Dreamer #9267 as Oleg the Fashion Photographer "

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