Genesis Arc

A tale of two sides. Haven. Pristine, clean and safe the top-city of [ Redacted ] proves to be one of the most luxurious and sought after places to live or vacation in all of the Dreamland. A place of wealth, exuberance and excess. Powered by mysterious gasses that seep up through the ground, and fortified with unique and plentiful metals from below. The top city is a technological utopia with a grasp reaching far and wide across the Dreamland. The Under City. The polar opposite of Haven, populated with the weakest Dreamers within society and plagued with unprecedented amounts of crime, death and disease. Havens strongest assets, minerals, metals and gas prove to be labor intensive jobs and deadly resources that the underlings give their lives to collect and manage, taking all the risks and never reaping any of the rewards. Our genesis arc is one that explores the disparity, balance and tenuous relationship between these two sides. When a group of young dreamers are pushed to their limits, they do everything in their power to reach Haven and rectify the mistakes made by top-siders. Dark-fantasy, action and adventure. Beloved characters will die, morals will be questioned and you'll be left on your seat at every turn. The best part of it all being your Dreamer can very well make an appearance in the comic at anytime.

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