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Alpha Calls

Holders of Dreamland Genesis will have access to our Alpha Channel, led by our head analyst, Tyleroar. He provides the community with Alpha Calls, whether it is through the secondary market, or early opportunities on projects with great potential and is a guiding figure within community alpha discussions.

WL Opportunities

Holders of Dreamland Genesis are also eligible for our WL giveaways. Our adept team of Collab Managers: Devilsnarefizz, Puggy & Rosymonster consistently obtain and secure an array of WL spots for the community and we have acquired many hyped projects such as:

  • Project Godjira (Gen 2)

  • PXN Phantom Network

  • Nanopass V2

  • Nifty Keys

  • SkyVerse

  • Zooverse

  • Lives of Asuna

  • Clementines Nightmare

WL's secured are currently split & raffled. The split is across Council Members, Cold Blooded Comic holders, Whales and more.

Different roles will have a different allocation of WL spots, for example, Dream Whales get more entries in giveaways compared to the holders.

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