$DREAM Marketplace

Introduction: The Shifting Bazaar

The Dreamland Marketplace or more accurately "The Shifting Bazaar" is a dynamic and expeditious environment with DREAM being bartered all over for different valuables and essential goodies. The DREAM fuelled obsession is at peak here, everyone wants to amass their prowess.

Initially the main focus will be providing and amassing rewards in all shapes or sizes which can be redeemed with DREAM through a variety of different methods. We aim to bring in new opportunities and reward those whom excel within the ecosystem & game through their DREAM staking strategies.

The Goal was never to launch a token or marketplace for the sake of it. This is being incorporated with the full intention of building a long term system that rewards those active within the ecosystem whilst bringing opportunities for all with levels of skill playing into it. The Goal is: fair injection of sustainable value into the ecosystem.

Work in Progress

Do note and be aware that what we are describing is planned from a pre-data perspective taking into factor various possible impacts. As the marketplace is launched and DREAM is traded, we will be able to gain deeper insights into the market action and implement different functions to cater to all holders.

We are working to first implement the insta-buy/raffle options for all. Following this we are looking to implement auction style systems as well as potentially P2P facilitated transactions in DREAM.

What can I purchase?

The Shifting Bazaar offers various rewards such as hyped & quality WL Opportunities, Alpha Memberships, IRL Benefits, NFTs, Ecosystem products, Web 2 utilities and more.

How can I purchase?

Straight BuyRaffleAuction

Guaranteed Chance of item

X% Chance of item

Guaranteed Chance of item (as highest bidder)

Higher Price Point

Lower Price Point

Market sets Price

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