The Realms

The Litepaper for the Realms acts as an overview and guide into this new ecosystem and what we can expect moving forward.

What is The Realm?

The Realm is an interactive NFT & Token Ecosystem built upon the Dreamland IP to bring empowerment, ownership and utility to Metaverse Projects. It's an exploration into deepening the lore drawing upon existing and future technology of Web 3.0 and Smart Contracts.

At the Heart of The Dreamland exists The Realm of Kagnor where DREAM is primarily emitted and refined. ROK utilises a 3 part primary resource economy.

  • DREAM (Token | Power)

  • DREAMERS & WALKERS (NFT | Characters)

  • CATALYSTS (NFT | Resources)

"Welcome to the Realms of Kagnor, the backdrop of the entire Dreamland Genesis ecosystem and a place where Dreamers control their own destiny.

The Realms are meticulously designed to give all Dreamers a path to greatness.

Through savvy decision-making and creativity, Dreamers can amass in-game assets, deploy them tactically to amplify their influence, and gain full access to the burgeoning Dreamland Genesis ecosystem.

Genesis Dreamers and the $DREAM token serve as the backbone of Dreamland but other assets are vital as well, with specialised strategies presenting extraordinary opportunities – and risks.

Will you chase your dreams and unlock all the Dreamland Genesis has to offer?

The choice is yours."

Kaemor. A world of DREAM, dangers and ancient secrets. A realm lost, awaiting the return of their gods. A land forever changed by the Fracture and the Dreamers -- by your arrival. Some say the Fracture was an accident. Others say there was a reason. But one thing is clear: the world will change with your arrival. Within you slumbers great power, yearning to be harnessed. From the monsters in the Curselands to the Master Artificers of the Nexus, the future of Kaemor rests with you. Don't tarry, adventure awaits. Assemble your party and form your guilds, for Kaemor harbours many trials best faced together. 'Tis but the first page of a long chronicle, and it's up to you to write it.

This Litepaper will be fluid and constantly be updated with the ecosystem progression by The Dreamland Team.

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