Interoperable Dreamers

Pixelised or Voxelised, your Dreamers are malleable to different advancements within this ever expanding Metaverse Space

Micro Pixel Dreamers

All Genesis Dreamers are manifested within the Dreamland ecosystem, taking on extremely high quality and nostalgic pixelized forms. All of our Micro Dreamers are painstakingly hand drawn and fully animated. These serve as an avatar and identity within the Dreamland.

These beings will retain the all original traits 1 to 1 with it's Genesis Collection counterparts. Additional cosmetics, weapons and more can be unlocked through various ways... One thing is for sure - you will need DREAM.

These Dreamers will be rendered compatible with other projects through collaborations and mutual partnerships that remain one of the core goals of the Dreamland. Some of such would be World Wide Webb or Farmland by Pixels.

Some considerations taken with these Micro Dreamers are how we can allow them to bring value & IP usage without impacting or diluting the Genesis collection.

Voxel Dreamers

Uninterested Unicorns will be helping us with the production of our Voxel Dreamers! 800 Dreamer Voxels will be integrated into Uniland on Sandbox. These Voxel Dreamers would be able to integrated into other platforms that uses voxels as well.

Initially there will only be a portion of the Dreamer Population that will be obtain their Voxels through an airdrop. We are looking at how we can potentially link voxel NFT's with our Dreamers and are looking at creating the full complete collection.

3D Rendered Dreamers

All 10K dreamers will be integrated into Pepo’s game, thus allowing holders entry into their ecosystem. Community held events within Pepo will be prevalent in their game as well! Dreamers will be able to cultivate their own NFTs within the game.

The team will have access to the 3D Models allowing us to cross Dreamers into a number of different platforms.

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