PEPO Paradise

Playable on a cross-chain social Petaverse with a novel #Feed2Earn ecosystem. Built on AVAX by an award-winning Gaming Studio

PEPO Paradise is a cross-chain Petaverse aiming to unite NFT, Metaverse & Gaming with a novel Feed2Earn ecosystem. Developed and Published by Finifugu, an award-winning games studio featured on Google Play Store and Apple App Store globally in more than 150 countries. The team consists of 12 full-time members distributed globally, including Hong Kong, London, Italy, Thailand, and Taiwan.

  • All 10K dreamers will be integrated into Pepo’s game, thus enabling yield on PePos token within the game, allowing holders entry into their ecosystem free of charge. Community held events within Pepo will be prevalent in their game as well, allowing for possible cross community events in the future.

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